Baby & Child Massage Classes for Parents
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Benefits for your child

  • Increases self esteem for child and parent
  • Promotes bonding and attachment
  • Increases sense of love, acceptance, respect, and trust
  • For baby, improves body awareness
  • Improves relaxation and release of stress
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Strengthens digestive circulatory, and gastrointestinal systems, which can lead to better weight gain
  • Reduces discomfort due to teething, colic, gas, congestion
  • Increases elimination, circulation, respiration
  • Improves hormonal activity
  • Improves synchrony between child and care giver
  • For parents, it improves their ability to react to infant cues
  • Increases confidence in parenting skills
  • Provides time to share and quality time together
  • Improves sense of well-being for parent, reduces stress and blood pressure and improves overall health


Five aspects of early development influenced by touch

Engages pre-speech components and emerging speech (direct eye gaze, listening, turn taking, etc.)

Improves muscles tone coordination and increases body awareness

Infant and Caregiver engage one another, infant usually in the quiet alert state

May stimulate oral motor musculature awareness, lip closure relaxation of tension needed for swallowing, etc.

Overall awareness of self and body boundaries, cause and effect, and increase attention span.


Reasons NOT to Perform Massage

  • Fever in child/infant
  • Ear infection in child/infant
  • Jaundice in infant
  • Influenza
  • Severe respiratory infections or colds.
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cardiac Conditions
  • Edema, abnormal amount of fluid in body
  • Recent surgery.  Always get physicians approval.

*** Done carefully massage is generally a safe and comforting technique.  The experience offers many positive benefits to both the parent and the child.

*** To prevent transmitting disease to and from child, always wash your hands thoroughly before and after the massage.



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